Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Turns out Lester was a baaad lesion. A PLASMACYTOMA

Turns out, Lester was a baaaad lesion. He was the result of an extremely rare malignant  plasma cell tumor called a Plasmacytoma.

It was a CANCER after all.

The phone call came around noon yesterday. It was the Highly talented and well known thoracic surgeon, and he had the report in his hand. Was this a good time? He encouraged Notbillybob to get a pen and paper and write down the words, even spelled them out for him. P-L-A-S-M-A-C-Y-T-O-M-A....


After reading about these words all day, Notbillybob finally sat down at his computer to post this on the Facebook group. There are way more questions now than answers. Multiple myloma is well known, being the second most prevalent form of   hematological malignancy in the U.S.

So, click the links. Read all about it. Remember, Notbillybob HAD a lytic lesion in his left seventh anterior (front) rib. Last Tuesday it was yanked out. He might still HAVE a multiple myloma present. "The rib tumor could be a MARKER of more disease..." said the Thoracic surgeon. Myloma usually has three major clues that it is present.
#1 Kidney failure. Well, we don't have that.
#2 high serum calcium reading. Well, we don't have that either. 
#3 Aplastic anemia. Well, no one has said for sure, but Notbillybob can read, and followed every morning blood draw while in the hospital. (They have a thing called "My Health Connection". There's even an Android app in the Play Store for it. Seriously!!) The problems plagueing him when he went in-namely low platelets, low hemoglobin, low hematocrit, low white blood cells, and low red blood cells...all point to aplastic anemia. Google search these readings all being low and the answer you get is an exquisite little inconvienince known as...
STINKFOOT! No, wait, that's a Frank Zappa song.  You get aplastic anemia. They are all low at the same time.

The Hematology and or  Oncology departments might call soon to make a follow up appointment.

Here is a short list of the recent ailments Notbillybob sought medical treatment for, which are directly related to this cancer.

Dequervain's syndrom of the wrist    - related

Dry eyes                  -related

headaches            -related


shortness of breath     -related

nausea                -related

Dizzyness causing falls     -related

Severe drop in platelets thought to be liver related-now believed to be related to plasmacytoma.

Petchae/purpura rash      -related

Who'd uh thunk, huh? Well, off they go back to the U this rainy morning. The chest tube dressing is draining, so they want to see him.

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