Monday, October 6, 2008

Kittens and hepatopulmonary syndrome

Today finds Bobby traveling to the Anschutz for the 3 month checkup with the pulmonologist. It's rather creepy for him, because of the three month checkup interval. HPS is very often progressive, and fatal, and sometimes a liver transplant is either not an option, or the transplant can take up to a year to clear up the vasodilations in the lungs. He has had a lot more headaches, including right now while he's typing this for me, but on a brighter note, he finally captures a coveted "Rweee"session from the kitten. BY STRAPPING THE VIDEO CAMERA TO HAS HAND AT BEDTIME LAST NIGHT! HA! this time he was ready and waiting for Sachi, the camera shy kitten. Slinky, beaniebaby-ish, and feathery soft, and most of all, camera shy. If he sees the camera, *POOF*, away goes the rweee and he slinks away silently. So, click below, and enjoy. P.S. Bobby has a lot of trouble with videos playing in this browser, and others say they have a hard time too, so--- if the video bogs down and wont play, just click on the video in the middle to have it take you straight to you tube, and if that doesn't work, click on robwalkingeagle's channel, and look for it there, and get a clean link. If any one knows why we have these problems with playing videos here please comment. Enjoy.