Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A tornado of white lab coats and green scrubs

Day 1 Rounds.
Today begins with a whirling dervish of learned Fellows, interns, residents and surgical nurses,
 You have to have bullet point questions ready. You have to be ready for the answers.
 Write it all down, n shrthnd as fst as u cn.
They fly in, plant thier feet and put thier eyes on you

handshakes, no don't get up... lol.

The output on the chest tube is slowing better than expected. Probably it wont
come out today. But lookin good. Incision looks good. I'm looking good. Pain is BAD but, a different kind of BAD. Like having part of a rib removed and a long rubber hosed inserted into the space between the ribs and lungs. Pleural. Or is it Plural? LOL.
I think people say I look good because a low protein diet caused my hair to straighten... 
I love it.
 I always say "I make terminal liver disease look good."I could be The poster child.
Still we are curious why the blood work went so badly leading up to the surgery. Could  there be a transplant evaluation in the future as a result? Was the tumor pushing on mister spleen Mcqueen and causing him to destroy platelets?  Platelets are like money.
There are two ways to have low platelets- 1-don't
 make enough, or 2-they get destroyed by the spleen which is trying to keep house.

Destroyed, spent... same thing. Like a bank account. Low. NSF. Don't want a check to

Good morning WORLD. can you tell that I am grateful to be awake, breathing-(painfully though) 
 Alive. Largely because of the Greatest Team on Earth here at the "U"'.
Doctors....Interns... residents, Fellows, AND
nurses, Some of the COOLEST nurses I ever met.

Whirling all around.

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