Friday, October 22, 2010

Jumping the Gun

Well, we got ahead of ourselves. The radiologist reading the ultrasound felt that this "suspicious mass" thing was just a big wad of liver (regeneration macro-nodule)which had developed a covering of scar tissue around it, and there was no reason for concern. The Hepatologists of the University round table did not feel like taking a chance, so they have NOT ruled out a cancer, and there will be more CT scans at the very least. The interest here is that this mass is the perfect size,were it to turn out to be malignant to indicate for a liver transplant. The liver doctor of great fame said that he hoped that he would never have to drop me into a bucket of formaldahyde, something I also hope, and Bobby and Sharon too. Status quo will do just fine , thanks. Repeat CT scans. Nice boring CT scans. Boring is good. Just a suspicious mass. To quote Ahnohhld in kindergartner cop, "It's NOT a TOOMAH!"

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