Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chilean Miners and Billybob's Ultrasound report

Bob got the CT scan report a day before his 4 year sobriety birthday, Sept 14, 2010. None of his previous test results have ever suggested metatastic cancer as a possible out come . I mean after it spreads, you ARE pretty screwed , right? Maybe if it is caught just as it begins to spread, but by the time it starts eating your bones, you are doomed, right? Who knows. I dont. For I am a liver. I am the liver in question, and tonight as they pulled the last of the miners out of the doom below, we got more good news: that there is no reason for concern. The ultrasound results show no reason for concern. There is no cancer in here. Now they just need to find out what is eating holes in Bobby's rib. Pass the pain receptors. OW.

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Susan said...

Yay for no cancer! Hoping the rib thing gets figured out ASAP.