Friday, August 11, 2017

Goodby Lola, Hello Bobby Rebar

Meet Lola. She thinks every thing is cool, but it aint. Leastwise not for her.

Not even cool at all. See, come next thursday a very talented and well known orthopedic surgeon (the call him The Shark) is going to rip Lola from her roost, and replace her wit rebar.
  Das right, folks , I said REEBARRRRR!!!!!!!!

Lola is made from a collection of cloned plasma cells called kappa light chains.

Kappa light chains are malignant cancer cells which secrete a substance which activates osteoclasts, which are a large multinucleate bone cells that absorbs bone... destroys bone,...EATS LARGE HOLES IN BONE...Normally, they work together with osteoblasts, 
a cell that secretes the matrix for bone formation...however kappa light chains
supress the osteoclasts. The end result is bone which is full of holes and has a moth eaten appearance. These lesions are called lytic lesions. (lysis means destruction).

So, after Lola is removed and Bobbys arm (Notbillybob) is put back
together with bone cement (actually it is really plexiglass PMMA,used for around 50
years for orthopedic work...these days on joint replacements) baa baa buh reebaa!! After all that, they will begin the chemo...Bobby (Notbillybob) now has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma...

 but that and the chemo is another post...signing off for now Billybob.

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