Monday, April 2, 2018

So...Did I ever go home?

There has been some confusion lately as to the living conditions for Not Billy Bob and myself.  We are are currently at home with Princepessa, Matilda, Bean and Rasputin. 

We are under Hospice Care. This means the doctors believe that me and my buddies the kidneys have less than 6 months of function. A wonderful RN named Mike comes about 3 times a week. He checks our vitals. Then we chat. He orders our meds and various items Princepessa needs to care for us. We have a Social Worker named Trevor, a Chaplin named Tim (we have not met him in person yet) and a CNA Rita to help us with our personal care (we got to meet her just today). The hospice company brought us all kinds of new toys....a regular wheelchair so we can get out and about, and can you believe it and actual chair for the shower.  There is an RN on call so if we have trouble in the middle of the night there is someone we can consult. The job and goal of all these people is to help Not Billy Bob live with as much comfort and independence as possible.

Most days Not Billy Bob is in charge the conversation makes sense, he and Princepessa get along and they think life is pretty OK. Once in a while I stick my obnoxious head up and start arguments with Princepessa.

Down the road there are Hospice Facilities. These are places are wonderful and for end of life care. 

Not Billy Bob looks forward to every day.  Knowing that these days are numbered he tries to make everyone count.

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