Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eenie meanie miney moe

Eenie meanie miney moe, catch a liver by the toe, if e hollers make im pay bilirubin every day...
We did get the results of the pelvis super torture biopsy from the 15th of June.

Phenotypic Abnormality Found.

Leukemia/Lymphoma phenotyping report-

A phenotypically abnormal population is detected. A Kappa monotypic plasma cell population is noted, positive for antibodies CD38, CD138.
The findings are consistant for a



So, What's next?   Well, There are three choices. Three doors. Let's make a deal.

Door number one... do nothing.
I know I know, this door is the one every one swears they will choose if  they ever get THE CANCER (see Lewellen Moss' mother in law in "No country for old men" (I's 100 degrees out here, don't know anyone in El Paso and I got THE CANCER)

Door number two, Another round of Radiation. Yeesh. Anyone familiar with Bobby's "two month nap"  will see the downside of this one.

Door number three, Chemo. Not exactly the same as the chemo from yesterday. There are dozens of new drugs to treat Plasma cell cancer, many of them are cortico steroids. It's still chemo, though.

In the mean time, another bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for the 7th.

 These are truly awful. Even though I could swear I heard "never never never again...
 The problem is that even though they can numb you, they cant numb the pressure change when the biopsy needle goes through the bone in to the marrow. When air hits the marrow. Feels like a BASEBALL BAT.
 Why yes I have been hit with a bat, he says.
 At age 11, little brother hit Bobby with a ball bat. Louisville slugger. In the forehead.

Time for this wacky liver to go. Nice we could chat.

NOTBILLYBOB thanks you for your outpouring of well wishes and prayers. Much appreciated.  Billybob, 6-28-16

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Biopsy Day-(Thank God it's not a LIVER biopsy...)

Today is the long awaited, dreaded biopsy day. NOTBILLYBOB's Ortho-Oncologist Dr Shark requested this back in January, but complications as well as second opinions and consultations  as well as a bad cold and hyper volemic crisis(water in the lungs) have delayed it. But no more. The procedure will involve an early morning lab test to see about clotting factors and platelet count. This happens around 9:00 am and will give the team time to do a blood platelet/plasma transfusion. If the platelet count is under 50, then they will add platelets and plasma. Normal is 150-500. NOTBILLYBOB usually has a count in the 35 to 45 range. Whether or not this is really low depends upon which doctor is weighing in. A Hepatologist routinely sees patients with platelets in the 50s. 
  A blood cancer doc sees patients down in the teens, and wont panic until they go below 10. A primary care doc, pain specialist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, etc is freakin out under the 100 mark.  The dentist... well we'll just leave him out of this equation. You need only mention the phrase "Hemophilia" and they run.
So, another mystery. Is the tumor in NOTBILLYBOB's Ischial tuberosity benign... or another plasmacytoma,,,


The PET CT scan last week showed the same cancer in the left rib cage...Not entirely gone. It showed that the tumor in the pelvis had grown, but only slightly. Surely they will say that it is within the "margin of error, and call it totally stable. Only it doesnt FEEL stable. Yeesh. Bobby's wacky liver... signin out. Roger. Wilco. See ya.