Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy New Year from the Liver

Today is day 6, six days in the ANSCHUTZ HOTEL. Notbillybob 
arrived Friday morning at  the hepatology clinic. The hepatology PA said "can I be totally honest with you... you look like POO. This may sound funny, but in reality I, Billybob was very ill. She said "I am putting you in the hospital."  Notbillybob started to cry.  Princepessa started to cry. The hepatology PA did not start to cry.  She said "don't worry, we are going to take very good care of you." We are going to do a paracentesis. A paracentesis involves inserting a large needle in the space in the belly between the organs to draw out the extra fluid. The PA took care of this in her office.The biggest worry comes if the fluid shows signs of infection.
The procedure did not hurt because notbillybob was so swollen.  The PA was shocked at the amount of swelling in notbillybob's belly. PA took 10 liters of fluid. A liter is a little more than a quart so 10 liters is 10.5 quarts or 2.6 GALLONS!! Notbillybob arrived at PA's office at 255 pounds. After paracentesis he weighed 229. He felt sooooo much better. Tests came back the lab fairly quickly. NO INFECTION!!
Next notbillybob was admitted to the hospital. Now the hard part started. Getting off the rest of the fluid! It had collected not only in his belly, but in notbillybob's legs, feet and even his behind.
His weight on Saturday was 219. This is the same weight as when he left for boot camp in 1981!
Unfortunately the sight would not stop seeping.  Docs finally had to stitch the sight closed. Notbillybob was VERY brave. No anesthetic. He does not recommend this as it was not fun.
Monday they took  an additional 3.5 liters of fluid!! There is a sofa that makes into a bed so Princepessa spent the night to keep us company.
Tuesday fluid loss has plateaued and blood sodium was low. These things caused docs to limit fluid intake and add IV diuretics.Ugh. Lots of peeing. Found urinary tract infection so the docs added antibiotics to the already large number of pills we have to swallow. Another night with Princepessa.
Wednesday 203.5.  OMG. Notbillybob has lost 52 pounds in fluid.  Princepessa is shocked she has never seen her love this thin.  Notbillybob says "No giving up!" He has a good appetite this morning and ordered a hardy breakfast.
PT came by and pressed how important it is to keep moving. 
Doctors rounded at 10 AM and said you can go home!
Sodium restriction is in place 2000 mg per day, diuretics will return the dosage in place prior to this event, but fluid restriction has been removed.
Nurse is here with the discharge papers. We are headed home.....  

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