Friday, May 15, 2009

CT time once again

I am beginning to feel a sense of deja vu. How about you? The last time the CT scan happened, Bobby got really sick presumably from the contrast, prednisone premedication, plus benydril, and Iodine contrast ( allergy). So, the doctors tried to have Bobby take a different kind of test this time, a stand up MRI. That was last month. He lasted 4 minutes in the machine before begging to be let loose. Pain. Squeezed me and SPLEEN Mc Queen big time...It was a combined spine/liver MRI. So, on Monday, he had an open scan MRI which looked like this...He tried something new. He took a small spray bottle from the cosmetics section of the grocery store, and filled it with water. He told the tech that he would have a much higher rate of success if he could wet his mouth with the spray bottle. She had no objections, except to say to please only spray when it was quiet. He did. No panic inducing dry mouth, or difficulty swallowing, gagging, or throat clearing. . None. At all. He held the spray bottle next to his mouth, and every thing was cool... and moist. Daughter hates that word, moist. Moist. But Moist is in a key player in Dr Horrible's sing along blog. Bobby's thing this summer. Big time. Freeze ray... stun ray... computer aided x ray. Tommorrow.
Be there, or be square. Bill.

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