Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prometheus and the Eagle of Zeus

Each day, Prometheus would be tormented by Zeus’ eagle as it tore at his immortal flesh and tried to devour his liver. Each night, as the frost bit it’s way into his sleep, the torn flesh would mend so the eagle could begin anew at the first touch of Eos (the Dawn).
Isn't it strange how an ancient civilization knew of my potential healing power? Who were these Greeks, and did they have baklava and calamata olives back then? It is funny that the magic substance in the movie 'My big fat greek wedding', windex is ammonia, the bane of Bobby's brain. But Bobby and Sharon have adjusted by eating much more
vegetables around here. The health food store Whole foods is getting all the money the liquor store used to. They do have bakalava, and 100 types of calamata olives. Every week, Sharon and Bobby go and stock up on dried fruit, salt free corn chips, the best gyoza in the world, (and that includes the little yakitori shop Iseya in KichiJoji , Tokyo), and the yummy low sodium organic peanut butter cereal. Bobby first found these cereals because Ardis needed gluten free everything. But this cereal rocks. Mister stomach loves it.
Now if we could find a way to keep Spleen Mcqueen quiet. Then there would be some peace around here. Yeah I know, my capsule is not blameless, but the racket with the big ol noisy spleen, the noggin, mister colon,
well it's just a rowdy mess. Speaking of which, these Greeks have morphine named after their God, Morpheus, the God of dreams. Hmm...Maybe this is all just a dream.

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may said...

since you're getting a little healthier, let me ask you a favor. ask bobby to stop thinking he needs to explain himself everytime he leaves a comment in my blog. tell him to stop implying i don't believe him when he says nice things, because i do believe him and accept his thoughts.

if he still thinks i have ill feelings towards him for expressing his thoughts in the comments section in one of my posts a long time ago, he is wrong...i totally understand now where he was coming from and i consider it forgotten. tell him that i appreciate it that he reads my blog and takes time to comment.thank you.

you take care and enjoy bobby's new lifestyle :)