Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The basement at UCDHSC

This is the basement at what was called UCDHSC. It was the university of Colorado at Denver health sciences center. This photo was taken when Ardis was an inpatient there in July 06, Bobby swiped a chair from transport, put her room number on it, and her name, and wheeled her around the hospital during the long 4th of July holiday of 06. They put a hundred miles on that chair. The 4th was on a Tuesday, she had came by ambulance on Friday before, and the hospital was a deserted place until much later the following week. There is something about this hallway that brings about the strangest deja vu. It used to be called Colorado General hospital. Sharon's mother did a stint here as an RN in 1957, and Bobby had surgery there as an infant to create tear ducts. He was born without them. He had a separate surgery to correct crossed eyes at two or three years old. Bobby can remember this hallway amazingly, because he was 9 months old for the first surgery, two years old for the second. That would be January 1964. The hospital is gone now , moved to the campus of what used to be Fitsimmons Army medical center, in Aurora Colo., and is housed in the new Anschutz inpatient pavillion, a state of the art facility. But he can remember this hallway. It's kinda freaky, but it's gone now.